Update from the county

We are mapping out the EIR process now, and I don’t have any more info than that.

It’s a little different going from an MND that was circulated to now an EIR, so we just want to be careful we don’t miss steps and/or duplicate unnecessary steps.

A couple of things though –

  • The Draft EIR will be circulated for public review and comment
  • Comments submitted on the MND will not ‘count’ as comments on the Draft EIR.  New document, new comments needed.
  • We will be cognizant of the MND comments as we prepare the Draft EIR
  • We are ‘upgrading’ the County’s webpage on the project, making it easier to find and navigate, including some FAQs
  • We will have a ‘subscription’ process where you can sign up and anytime something is posted to that page you will get an email notification.
    • You’ll have to go and look, but when you get to the page new items will be flagged
  • We will be setting up a project-specific email address for everyone to use for comments and questions
    • I think we’re past the issues with not accepting email attachments, but I’ll be ensuring that beforehand
  • No, we don’t have a schedule yet

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