Thank you for visiting the grassroots Save Coto Village page. We are homeowners who are against the proposed 101 unit, active senior master planned, multi-story community known as The Legacy Club. Instead of Legacy, our goal is to maintain our open space and create a communal space for Village residents. Save Coto Village is organizing several committees of homeowners. Committees will include Plan “B” alternative research, design and planning committee, funding committee and political opposition committee. If you have previous experience that you feel would be an asset to one of these committees, we would love to have your help, please email us at info@savecoto.com.

This page has been created to keep the community updated. If you have information you would like to submit for posting, please email us at info@savecoto.com. If you find inaccurate information, or have clarifying information to share with the community, please email us.

Several homeowners have asked us about seeking legal counsel. We have had phone conversations with two different lawyers, one is a real estate attorney and the other is a land use attorney. We have been advised to continue our political approach of writing letters and attending meetings to express our opposition. We have passed along the contact information of the land use attorney to our HOA Board requesting her participation in the matter. At this time, we feel that legal action should happen under the control and protection of the Board.

Read on to see how you get involved to Save our Coto Village.

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  1. My B

    I’m going to suggest that on each one of your postings you have a format which would include the section/words:

    ACTION: With a short description here of what a homeowner can do. This way they can get right to the point on each of your posts. And take quick action. Even if the action is the same each time (“write an opposition letter to influentials or have us write it for you, cost is $40”) you need to have it for each post you make here.

    -You also need to have a text list if people want to be notified of your updates via text.

    -You also need to speak to more than one attorney in each of those categories. One attorney’s opinion isn’t necessary the right one. You need a strategy clearly outlined by/with legal counsel and to share that with the Board members and Village. “Write letters” does not seem like a strategy nor does it seem like a strong enough position to take against a company with far-reaching objectives and pockets to make their objective happen. Writing letters seems more like a hopeful approach, like we are taking a slingshot to a gun fight.

    We need strong, successful counsel and to take a strong position against the major company impeding our Village.

    You also need to share the budget we have for legal counsel in this matter and start taking donations (and set up) on a gofundme campaign with a legal or accounting source managing the funds.

    1. scvAdmin

      I like the idea of the “ACTION” at the beginning of each post. We will add that, thank you!
      At this time we don’t have texting capabilities. I’m sure once more donations are received we can upgrade our process to something a bit more automated. Thank you for the feedback.
      We have been advised that the HOA Board should handle the legal aspect – now that they know the communities stance based on the surveys – they can move forward working with our attorney. They have the protection of the liability insurance. We have spoken with several attorneys. All have encouraged us to take this “political” approach first. If the decision makers start to receive hundreds of opposition letters they will see that there is strong opposition. We are requesting the topic be added to their agendas to start dialog. Next year is an election year – as a registered voter I will take my vote elsewhere if I feel like my representatives are disinterested in addressing my concerns. Volume speaks volumes!

  2. Thomas R Brown

    Thanks Ardelle for your help.

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