UPDATE: Nov18th HOA Board Meeting – Legacy Update

Thank you to homeowners who were able to attend Monday nights HOA Board Meeting at the RSM Belltower. We had a decent turnout of more than 40 people. Below is a short summary of the two topics regarding Legacy:
  • Legacy wants to do additional traffic study – The Board is going to allow it. They will be adding the intersection of Via Pajaro and Via Venado along with intersections in The estates. We will be creating an opposition letter stating that the Traffic Study is intended for normal day to day comings and goings and not emergency situations.
  • Legacy Survey Results (CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS): The Board has had great response from the community returning their surveys. Save Coto Village requested that a clarification letter be sent out to the community about why that letter was circulated. The Board has decided not to send out a clarification letter at this time because they feel that there is a clear majority opposition (~80%) to allow them to prepare a letter officially opposing Legacy, (apparently, this has not been done yet – some people mentioned to me that signatures collected towards the beginning of the year were submitted, apparently those signatures were not provided to Legacy, we were misinformed). Let’s see if Legacy will honor their statement to walk away if The Board official notifies them that the community is opposed. The Board has received an impressive 41% response rate from the community (we don’t even typically see this during elections!) If you haven’t returned your survey yet – please do, there is still time. If you threw it away thinking it was from Legacy you can find it here: https://www.savecotovillage.com/documents. Please mail completed surveys back to our association manager:

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