CEQA Case filed by the Attorney General concerning a High Fire Danger Zone

We have obtained the CEQA case filed by the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on behalf of the people concerning San Diego County’s approval of a project in Otay Mesa that was located in a High Fire Danger Zone. Since this case is very similar to the issues that we have raised concerning the Legacy Project in Coto, we will be monitoring it closely. On page 9 the petition discusses “the effects of new projects in creating or exacerbating wildfire risks”. In it there is discussion that low to intermediate housing density arrangements, surrounding by vegetation, are more likely to burn which is similar to Coto de Caza.

Read the full Superior Court Case Filing here!

The petition also discusses the remoteness of the development and its impact on Greenhouse Gas. The Legacy Project also has issues with its remoteness that should be reveled when the required vehicle miles traveled (VMT) analysis is prepared for the EIR.

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Please remember to report any suspected Legacy activity to info@savecoto.com. If you are able to send photos showing the activity and companies performing it that would be VERY helpful. We need your eyes as well as your voice.

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