County says Notice of Preparation (“NOP”) for the EIR is coming soon

On September 30, 2020, Kevin Canning informed us that the County had received a letter from Legacy asking the County to process an EIR, rather than the MND. However, almost two months have gone by and yet the County has not issued the NOP. CEQA Guidelines section 15082 requires the NOP to be issued “immediately” after the decision that an EIR will be prepared.

Kevin Canning stated on November 25, 2020 after being asked “We anticipate that the NOP will be released for public review and comment by the end of next week, or very shortly after that.  Along with the applicant’s consultants, we have been working to assure it contains all necessary information since the applicant’s request to prepare an EIR was received.  The NOP has been our focus.”

All new information will be posted as soon as it is received.

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