ACTION REQUIRED: Plan “B” Alternatives

Our group is proposing a communal space, which preserves the land’s current designation as “community recreation” space.  We would like our community to work together to propose ideas about how we can best use this property.  Thus far, Village homeowners have proposed: an adventure playground for a variety of ages, with natural aesthetics to blend into our surroundings; a community garden space;  an area for our Social Committee gatherings with a raised stage area, restrooms, bocce ball court, and more!

We will be exploring more ideas and any and all financing possibilities in the months to come.  If you have any financing options or Plan “B” ideas you would like to explore, please reach out to us!

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  1. Emily Sheehan

    How about custom home lots for this land?!

  2. Jim Stivers

    The HOA is cash poor but property rich with all of the open space it owns. A possible solution to the Pack/Legacy matter is for the HOA to swap property. The HOA owns Lot 401 which portions or all could be exchanged for ownership of the Braden tennis center. As part of the deal the Lot 401 property would be reconfigured to permit the construction of single family homes, and a portion of the proceeds that Mr. Pack would accrue would be used to transform the Braden tennis center into a park/recreational facility.

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