County releases Notice of Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report (NOP)

We received this notice today from Kevin Canning the Contract Planner with Orange County Development Services / Planning. We are studying the document and will be providing more information and instruction soon.

Subject: Legacy at Coto – Notice of Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report (NOP)

You are receiving this because you have previously requested to receive a courtesy email notification of any public hearing or meeting, or the release of any project documents relating to the subject project.

Attached is the Notice of Preparation (NOP) of Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for the Legacy at Coto senior residential project.  The NOP describes the topical subject areas of potentially significant environmental effects that are proposed to be analyzed in the Draft EIR.   This begins a 45-day review and comment period during which you may submit comments regarding the proposed scope of the Draft EIR. 

You may submit your comments on the proposed scope of the Draft EIR via email to .  Please note this new email address and use it for all project-related correspondence.

**At this time, your comments should be limited to the NOP.  Comments on the proposed project will be solicited at a later date.

Please also be informed that the County has updated it’s webpage for the project –

At the top of the revised webpage is a link that will allow you to subscribe to receive email notification at any time information on the page is posted or updated.  NOTE – you must use this subscription service to receive any future notifications.  Individual courtesy notifications such as this email will be discontinued.

In summary

  1. ALL future email correspondence, including questions and comments, should be sent to
  2. ALL future email notifications will only be available by subscription through the link at the top of the project webpage at

Kevin Canning  │ Contract Planner │ OC Development Services / Planning

601 North Ross Street │Santa Ana, California 92701-4048


Visit us online for permitting applications/project status at general questions and assistance call 714 667-8888

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  1. Kathy Flores

    When our residents and neighbors make their comments, what are the main issues that need to be addressed in those comments? Will we have some sample comments or talking points?

    1. Save Coto

      Kathy, thank you for your questions. We are working with our team and attorneys to develop a list of primary issues and concerns. We will be sharing these with the community as soon as we have them. Keep an eye out for an email from us.

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