Letter Writing December 2019

Letter Writing Campaign:

ACTION: Only send opposition letters to CGV and Mr. Pack

Save Coto Village is highly encouraged by the communities response to the Opposition Letter Writing Campaign. We had the pleasure of meeting with Orange County Public Works Planning Departments representative Kevin Canning this week. He provided tremendous insight on how to be the most efficient with our efforts. In an effort to ensure our letter writing efforts are as effective as possible,  we ask that at this time, the community focus its letter writing efforts on Legacy Representatives only including Ms. Beeman, Mr. Purvis, Mr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Pack. 
Once CGV has filed a building permit proposal with the County we can send the letters to all the representatives we have identified as being influential. If you have already submitted all 11 letters – that’s great! These are now considered public record and will be housed with the recipients. But we will be most effective if we hold off on submitting our letters until after a permit has officially been filed. Mr. Canning also stated that email delivery of these letters is just as effective as mailing in a hard copy. Rest assured we are following the developments of this closely and will notify everyone when its time to organize.

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